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Did you know that most of the oil companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico have specific requirements regarding the testing and NDE inspection of equipment and cargo containers?  They also have strict requirements on wire rope sling fabrication and recertification. Did you know that IntegriCert, LLC is an approved testing company for Shell, BP, Chevron, Exxon and many other oil companies and oilfield service companies?

IntegriCert, LLC is your one stop service company that focuses on these major oil companies compliance regulations. Don't let your company get turned back at the dock for not having IntegriCert maintain and track your compliance needs with load testing, inspection and certification of your equipment and slings.

IntegriCert, LLC is an approved vendor for the most prominent oilfield service companies. With our patented testing method your equipment and slings will be in compliance , and this will allow your company to deliver to any oilfield dock without rejection. For your convenience we post all certification documents on-line, for quick and easy access.

The next time you need compliance service or lifting supplies such as slings and shackles, think, the portable load test company that will perform a full integrity load test, on your equipment , in your yard as well as deliver the slings to lift that equipment. Tired of transporting truckloads of equipment to be tested and inspected--- call IntegriCert and the test can be done on-site, at your facility.

With our locations in New Iberia and Houma, Louisiana---- IntegriCert is always available to supply your company with slings of any type and size, whether it is chain slings, wire rope slings, nylon web slings, or 9-part heavy lift slings to lift an oilfield platform. IntegriCert also supplies rigging hardware such shackles, clips, chain binders, sockets, spreader bars, load cells, hooks, and other below the hook lifting devices. Ask us about our line of specialized "ROV” shackles and hooks to service the subsea and diving industry.

Does your company have air tuggers or coil tubing units? Ask us about our new portable air hoist test unit capable of testing 1k - to 28k air tuggers. Even better ask us about our state of the art coil tubing load test unit capable of pulling 300,000 lbs at your facility, without transportation cost or having to remove the coil tubing from the reel.

IntegriCert is a load testing, inspection and sling fabrication compliance company that is portable to meet or exceed all criteria and regulations that your company will be subjected to by the major oil companies. Choose IntegriCert to manage your company's wire rope slings, load testing, and inspection needs

Choose The Lion And Join The Lion's Share Of Corporations That Believe In Utilizing Our One Stop Compliance Services In Order To Have Successful Relationships With All The Major Oil Companies Operating Worldwide.



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