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Chain & Chain Slings

The three main types of chain stocked by IntegriCert are proof coil, high test and alloy. Proof coil chain is used for various applications such as hanging tires from offshore boats or securing a perimeter. High test chain can be used for load securement, logging, towing and in the marine industry. Alloy chain is used strictly for lifting applications and is the only chain that can be used for lifting. Grade 100 alloy chain can have many components attached to it to configure various chain slings and these chain slings may have a single leg or be composed of multiple legs.
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Chain Sling Types

All types of chain slings offered by IntegriCert are made from alloy chain and are utilized for lifting applications.

  • Single Leg
  • Double Leg
  • Triple Leg
  • Quad Leg
  • Single Basket
  • Double Basket
  • Single Endless
  • Double Endless
  • Adjustable Chain Sling with Chain Shorteners


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