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Rigging Hardware

The wide range of rigging hardware offered by IntegriCert includes wire rope end terminations, shackles, hooks and swivels, and various other rigging accessories. All hardware distributed by IntegriCert is made in the USA, with certification documents provided. Our rigging hardware is typically used in the fabrication of all types of wire rope slings and can also be used for material handling applications in the lifting industry. Contact us today to learn more about our rigging hardware.

Bolt Type Safety Anchor Shackles

These shackles are used for permanent applications on cargo container units.

Screw Pin ShackleScrew pin shackles are normally used in applications on land, where the shackles can be attached and detached quickly.
Cold Tough ShacklesCold tough shackles are suitable for use at temperatures down to -50 F.
ROV ShacklesThese shackles are specifically used in the diving industry.
Alloy Eye Hoist HooksAlloy eye hoist hooks are designed for attaching to the end of wire rope slings, complete with a safety latch, to lift objects quickly by crane and land them securely without the use of shackles.
ROV HooksROV hooks are strapped with a metal handle configured around the body and a lanyard through the latch kit in order to make the hooks ROV-friendly.
Crane BlocksWe offer a wide range of crane blocks with capacities from five to 300 tons, and sheave sizes from 10 to 30.
Overhaul BallsThis crane block is attached to the fast line of a crane in most cases.
Snatch BlocksSnatch blocks are available in sizes from two-ton to 35-ton capacity, with either a hook, shackle or tail board assembly, as well as bronze bushed bearings or roller bearings.
SocketsIn order to acquire 100% termination on an end fitting, a socket must be used.
Wedge SocketsWedge socket terminations have an efficiency rating of 80% and are used in crane applications.
Master LinkWe offer master links made from alloy steel, quenched and tempered, and proof tested.
Master Link Sub AssembliesOur master link sub assemblies are made of alloy steel, individually proof tested, with sizes ranging from to 2-1/2.
TurnbucklesTurnbuckles are used for taking up the slack in wire rope applications.


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