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Inspection Services

We provide in-house and on-site inspections services. Our inspection services are performed by experienced personnel who are qualified to ASNT-TC1 standards and possess Level II qualifications for MT, PT and UT-Limited.  
We inspect BHA Connections, Handling tools, Hoisting equipment, Welds, Pipe, Drill Motors and Padeyes.  We also conduct video borescope inspections for drill motors and drill collars and pipe.
  • NDE- Non-Destructive Examination is the use of different principals to examine welds, castings, forged metals and vessels to see if there are any indications.

  • MT- Stands for Magnetic Particle Testing this is a form of NDE. There are principals to magnetic particle testing such as the yoke technique and the use of a magnetic coil. Both of these can be use with white light visible or fluorescent used with a black light. Even though there are different ways to perform MT they are all used to do the same thing. This is to apply a magnetic field to whatever you are inspecting and then adding a form of magnetic particle the indications will cause a break in the field creating a north and South Pole. This will then cause the magnetic particle to attract to the indication showing you if there are any disconformities in the weld.

  • PT- This is Dye-Penetrant Testing this test can be applied to any type of metal but is used best for metals non ferromagnetic. Dye Penetrant is only a surface indication test meaning that if the indication is in the weld or under the weld it will not be seen by this test, but MT cannot be done on aluminum or stainless steel therefore this test is a better method for these metals. For PT testing the technician applies a dye to the metal/weld and lets it sit. This is to insure any indications will have been penetrated by the dye. The technician will then clean the weld thoroughly and apply a developer to the inspected area. The developer will extract the dye from any indications showing where there could possibly be a failed indication.

  • VT- Visual Examination is just that the use in inspection using your own eyes. With a visual examination we look over the entire structure not just the welds. Doing this we look for more than just small indications we are looking for any form of damage, corrosion, heat exposure, and anything else that could hurt the integrity of the structure. A technician documents everything for a VT on an field report just like any other inspection and this is given to the customer for them to decide what they should do with the findings.

  • UT- Ultrasonic testing uses sound waves to pick up on the indications in the metal. This test can see all the way through the metal and can pick up on any type of fault, indication, or disconformities in the metal. The Machine which has a small mike attached will show how long, how deep, and what kind of indication is in the metal/weld. All technicians are trained and tested thoroughly before going into the field.


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