Onshore or offshore at your site or at our facility IntegriCert is always available to provide our customers with high quality services including load testing, inspection, sling fabrication and more.

The fact is that most companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico have specific requirements regarding the load testing and NDE inspection of equipment and cargo-carrying containers plus strict requirements on the fabrication and recertification of wire rope slings and rigging hardware. IntegriCert is an approved load testing and sling fabrication company for all major oil companies worldwide because we always meet or exceed all industry standards and regulations. We are a one-stop service company that focuses on load testing and wire rope sling compliance regulations and we also track equipment and slings for our customers and install pertinent documents on-line for their convenience.

Our level of service is exceptional because IntegriCert has patented load testing equipment and certified Level II NDE inspectors, as well as certified Level II rigging gear inspectors. We combine trained personnel with timely delivery to allow our customers to deliver to any oilfield shorebase without rejection.

By choosing IntegriCert, customers can also realize substantial savings by eliminating the costs of transporting equipment to be load tested. We can perform a full integrity load test and professional NDE inspection on site and we can also recertify wire rope slings and chain slings on site with our portable state-of-the-art test bed.

The bottom line is that IntegriCert is the smart, dependable, cost-effective choice to manage any company's compliance needs for lifting, testing, inspection and rigging supplies.

Coil Tubing and Air-Hoist Testing

For companies with air tuggers or hydraulic winches, IntegriCert's newly engineered portable hoist and winch load test unit can save you substantial money in transportation costs.

Full Integrity Load Inspection

As a leader in the load testing field, we are the home of the IntegriCertTM portable load test unit. These proven dependable units can load test equipment up to 125,000 lbs. and are adjustable to suit any size basket, box or skid.

Inspection Services
We provide in-house and on-site inspections services. Our inspection services are performed by experienced personnel who are qualified to ASNT-TC1 standards and possess Level II qualifications for MT, PT and UT-Limited.
Licensing Agreements on Patented Equipment

IntegriCert offers international and domestic licensing opportunities to companies that wish to start up load testing operations.

Load Cell Rentals

Integricert rents tension load cells and also offers customers third-party witness of dynamic tests using our company-owned load cells to certify whether each test was passed or failed.

Load TestingWe are the home of the IntegriCert tm portable load test unit. Our load test units can load test equipment up to 125,000 lbs. Our portable system can adjust to suit any size basket, box or skid.
Mechanical IntegrityIntegriCert provides solution driven Mechanical Integrity evaluations on both Static and Dynamic Equipment both offshore and onshore.
NDE Inspection Services

IntegriCert offers in-house and on-site NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) services.

Offshore Inspection & Testing

Because of the portability of our equipment, IntegriCert is able to easily perform any kind of load test at any offshore location.

Sling Recertification

IntegriCert provides sling recertification on site or in-house at our facility.

Wire Rope Sling InspectionAn exact determination of when to retire a sling depends on many variables, and limited federal guidelines exist. Rather, sling retirement (and safety factors) must be left to the judgement of a trained and experienced professional who is capable of evaluating remaining strength in the sling.


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